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sugar and salt

(Warning: this post is so TRIVIAL, it may make your head spontaneously combust.)

The view from my shed in a brief dry moment in this the Irish monsoon season. Note, if you will, how the neglected garden has seeded itself out of desperation. When we were planning this sudio, an architect amused us greatly by solemnly informing us my studio would be "as if in conversation with the house" (HAHA!) - it being a modest, terraced solid concrete two-story dwelling, built to shelter corporation workers at the time of the formation of the State (1922). Both rinky and dinky, and not likely to have a conversation with any shed.

Well *flexes writing muscles, experimentally*. Here we are, are we not. All is ticking along. The JB is still alive, too, which I feel is a plus. Actually, facetiousness apart, it does my heart good to see how the ould fellow in such raring form again, after being in such a dire funk for so long. And we are getting along well, given the closeness of the quarters.

Be that as it may, I have somehow backed into an unfortunate discovery.  For a day or two it happened without my planning it that I ate no sugar - by accident, clearly. And, I hate to have to say this, but yes. It's true. I do feel better without. Much less moody, less tired. [Insert first world whaaaa!] My love affair with the white stuff has been in progress for.. ooh. For ever.

It seems however that I am congenitally incapable of giving up more than one thing at a time. That's it - one thing is the limit. So it is that instead of biscuits (fare thee well!) or cakes (good morrow!), or pastries (for ever and ever, sweet things!) I merely find myself eating a packet of crisps. Or some salted nuts.

That's right. I am off sugar! And on to the salt.

So now, I am thinking to get off the salt, I just need to substitute something else. Hrmm. Mojitos? Westlife?

I can see this is going to be complicated.



It's like that thing where you have a snake under the floorboards so you send a weasel in to get the snake and then have to send a coyote in to get the weasel and then... So don't send a snake in to get the salt, is my advice.

Your garden looks lovely, and if your house is too proud to talk to your shed, that's its loss.


Your garden looks so lush! I'm sure you would find my yard lovely too...if you like vast expanses of dead, yellow grass. Send that monsoon my way, please!!! We are mid-drought and suffering temperatures of 100+ degrees F (38 C)

I keep trying to give up the white stuff. It's not working too well. Sigh...

Glad to hear the JB is emerging from his funk.

Womb For Improvement

Have you tried salted pop corn my new salty snack of choice. mmmm.


*Admires monsoon-struck garden*

Our yard has been tarmacked over by an unimaginative landlord, and has nevertheless grown a fine pelt of moss. As has everything in the house. The damp! The endless wet! Oh, Summer in the North-West Isles!

VERY glad to hear JB is de-funked and in fine spirits. Hurrah!

It dawns on me that all the comfort eating I have doing this month has indeed settled on my lap and made itself at home. I have made rash and angry vows about banning sugar from the house. I wonder exactly how many hours it'll be until I crack...


No one's head exploded! For this I am grateful.

Bunny, snakes! The point is well taken. How fearsome! We don't have snakes, you see, in these mild climes.


I wish I could send some water your way, a. Is it not very poorly distributed? It is.

Salted popcorn, W4I. Well noted. Mmm. Saaaalt.

Steady on there, May. There's no need to ban The White Stuff. What if you just needed a teaspoonful urgently for a midnight feast? WHAT THEN.


Oh! Your garden (and studio, and house) are beautiful. I can just picture Kittalo sunning herself in that space between your window and the house.

Glad to hear the JB is in fine spirits. He is still on semester break is he not? Perhaps the poor man just needed a good old fashioned holiday.

Ah, the sugar. That happened to me once - the inadvertent breaking of the sugar habit. Unfortunately, it did not last, thanks to my first trip to France. I blame the French, clearly. One simply can't ignore all that patisserie.



Ah, you were in France. Yes. La patisserie, indeed.

Why are the French not fatter?

I did read that book "Why French Women don't get fat" and though it absolutely made sense, I just had to stop.



Oh yes, those summer rains, please move over to a.... it's getting real tiresome. I know I love thecountry green and am used to living below sea level and all, but sjeesj.
You do have plans to leave the close quarters on a daily basis, right? Girl stuff. Even if it doesn't involve chocolate. Or cupcakes.
Mhmmm, FRUIT! Fruit is good! Grapes! Snack tomatos :-)
And welcome home.


If you're looking for a substitute for the salt/sugar, I've heard fat works pretty well. Or maybe an orthodox religion of some sort, you know, to take the mind off? ;-)

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