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An anti-cyclone hangs over the Emerald Isle this week, inspiring us Irish to emerge and toast ourselves till the colour of frankfurters. I am in my studio which is nearly south-facing, and so must be exited before 1pm when the sun turns it into a furnace. Yesterday I had the bad idea of complaining thusly to my workmate, flatmate of yesteryear and friend, the ultra-cool madrileƱa, Maria, and she replied:

it is 38 degrees here so don't complain Twangy about the heat or I send you some degrees...

[Feel free to complain about the heat below. I want to be simultaneously sympathetic and horrified.] [Speaking of which, it's nearly one! I must get my wimpy self out of here. It's like 26 degrees!]

Tomorrow, the JB and I must return to the House of Adoption and go through a nodding and smiling session with our social worker, the detective - all part of the process of changing country, apparently. We are going for the USA, as we have FINALLY agreed. Good to have clarity AT LAST.

Thanks for the encouragement for the comic about nothing, friends. Here's another one, this time about Luther. Luther, for those who don't know, is a seductive if somewhat ludicrous cop drama set in London, starring IDRIS ELBA, he of The Wire fame. The plot is a bit barmy and visuals a bit gruesome, but IDRIS ELBA.

Well, I think the point is made.

Till soon, so.


Valery Valentina

Clarity! USA! YAY!
nodding and smiling. Just as well you rehearsed your listening expression then ;-)
Sorry, some of May's excitement rubbed of on me.
Will think of little dance to do.
oops, should be working. rather than just being at work.
ummm, later....


Had to pull out the old calculator for conversion...it was 35.6 here the day before yesterday, but it's a much more pleasant 22.2 this morning, going up to 28.3 this afternoon.

Go USA! Clarity is good!

So, now, thanks to your comic, I must get a copy of Luther, as I love British crime drama, especially the kind you've drawn.


IDRIS ELBA! I just love his NAME. Ohhh.

Clarity, now, clarity is an excellent thing. Yay clarity!

*Crosses all remaining digits for CLARITY and PROGRESS*

Here it has been 30. They're threatening us with 35 on Sunday OH THANKS WEATHER. I'm an under-rock sort of person, pallid and keen on damp chills and lichen. I can't be having with all this SWEATING. Ugh.


Yes! Beautiful! Name, I mean! And you live in the same city - oh! The luck!

Though 35 is not so fortunate. I will send you a nice cooling breeze from Ireland. Irish Breeze. Which is the name of a soap sold in the USA, as well.


Pom-Poms a-shakin' for Clarity and Progress! And despite the heat, I will even jump up & down a bit! Good luck in the smiling session, lovely lady. You have a particularly beautiful one, so I am Very Confident it will all go swimmingly.


U!S!A! U!S!A! U!S!A! I look forward to being pretty much related to your wonderful child.

We have been watching Luther as well, and YES. WHERE IS THE PAINT? WHY NO PAINT? Also, my husband was like "let's watch something else", though mainly so we didn't have nightmares about things under the bed, and I was like no I must admire Mr. Elba.

Womb For Improvement

Oh the heat. How I hate to complain about it after the cold, cold, extreme cold of previous months. But it is rather ... oppressive.

I've not had TV for months so have masses of Luther and wotnot to catch up on. Idris is indeed easy on the eye.

Dr Spouse

EXCITING! So glad to hear this.

We are melting a bit here too, also watching Luther. And Starlings. Do you get Starlings? It's always summer and everyone has lovely things despite having no jobs.

Dr Spouse

PS do let us know if you want to see our profile.


Hurrah! Clarity and Progress are most excellent.

Love the cartoon. More please :)


Ooh - I missed your comments! My email didn't advise me like it's MEANT to. Grr.

Thank you all.

(Katie, oh? Starlings? Starlings. This is new on me. Must investigate.)

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