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August 2013

show biz

Did you see the good news? She is here! I am beyond thrilled! Also I fully expect the City Council to spare
W4I the trip and arrive at her house in order to register the birth, like they did for the royal baby.
This seems only fair.

Ah yes, what a week.

Come here till I tell you: unbelievably, the amateur choir of which I am a member, is to be paid next week in actual legal cash for being filmed singing on a Christmas DVD. How festive! Can I just say HAPPY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE? Joy to the world! Hark! The amateur choir sings for money! In August, that's right. This kind of thing, my dears, is very common in show business.*

It's all a bit hilarious. I am only barely able to restrain myself from revealing to you exactly which singer or should I say hyper-commercial franchise operation is involved. It has a sort of a Irishified Disney princess vibe with diabetes-inducing levels of sweetness. Has anyone ever heard of Daniel O'Donnell? Wee Daniel? Who invites all his millions of fans to tea at his house in Donegal? He is positively dangerous compared to this stuff.

So that is happening. And can I just point out that it's a great opportunity to discover how shot my
memory really is? I have ZERO confidence in my ability to drill these simple words into my poor ancient
addled brain. Is it only me? Do feel free to leap into my leaky boat with me here. When I think of all
the vocabulary I committed to memory in school! All the poems! Theorems! All gone! Gone like I
never saw them.

Other than that, I've been meaning to document an experiment I am conducting on myself in the shape of
6 weeks of mindfulness meditation, meant to combat this long, annoying bout of insomnia and stress. 15
mins a day. So far, so good. I use the free recordings made by a lovely woman from UCLA found here.
It's not easy, mind you, but I am persisting.


Have good weekends, everyone.

*I have, as you can imagine, been waiting my whole life to say this.