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A micro-post:

I was feeling a lot of first-world frustration about the frankly almost comical amount of rejections I have been receiving. I'd say my hit-rate is 1 out of 5. Which could be worse, I suppose? And then I got this letter from my sponsored child in Guatemala and my jaded, young-old heart melted like chocolate.


Now must:

  • Write back including a photo of self as requested, sitting on some green Irish grass (this way she can also see I am not actual man, (Much as I like being "Padrino": Aw!) which is added benefit.)
  • Plan trip to Gautemala one day.
  • Woman up.




1 out of 5 sounds brilliant! Though, er, I can see it really depends on what the items are, like asking someone to grab a coffee vs. submission of the Great Irish Graphic Novel to a publisher. Send your sponsored child some art, too! I bet it would go a long way towards conveying what her querida padrina is really like...

Anyway, thanks Child of a Faraway Land, for being charming.


I am glad the letter cheered you up. Do not worry, Twangy Dear, rejection letters are all par for the course when searching for the employment. I've received many in my career. :)

You are still wonderful and we still love you. So who wants to be corporate anyway?

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