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And finally, it occurred to me that I need not brave the chilly studio at the end of the "garden" but use the laptop in the house in order to blog, and so it is.

Well! How did we get over The Christmas? Ours went quite well, I think. We had it at home, and some friends came over, which I thought was amazingly grown-up and together of us. We provided! We cooked brussel sprouts! And gluten-free puddings! I do like hosting in principle. But it is a lot of work and induces neurosis about whether the house smells funny to other people. (Remember when you'd go to a strange house when you were a child? And it smelled funny?) I used to worry about the level of tidiness until I read what Swistle had to say about it. What a sensible woman; I love the quotidianity of her writing. I love the details of other people's lives; the way she captures all that so nicely. I can't find the exact page, (though I rootled for it for ages, enjoying rereading her posts and comments as I went), but the upshot was that to open your house to guests and let them see how you live in reality, not in a humblebrag I-just-knocked-out-these-croissants-this-morning-after-finishing-my-novel way, is a sort of compliment to your friendship, so I just knocked down some abandoned spiderwebs in a perfunctory way, and concentrated on the desserts.

(The cat has now padded in and, purring loudly, has forced herself into the gap between my torso and the laptop, hampering my ability to type. And breathe, come to think of it. I am trappppppeeed. Ah, my little stinky-breathed companion.)

The driving supervision thing continues to be "interesting" though I'd venture to say we might be over the hump. The JB has improved, and I have conditioned myself not to bark instructions. Actually, I find myself talking to him now as if he were a nervy horse. Whoa! I keep saying, and Steady! There is still some florid Kerry-style cursing, mind you, and the distinct impression that it could all go south at any moment. But still, I am cautiously optimistic that we might survive this. The other day he drove us north into the countryside, and I was able to take in the scenery, admiring the bare elephantine trees in the flat fields with their sides all gilded with the winter sun.

So here we are, folks, in this strange no man's land between The Christmas and The New Year.
How are you? I hope you had time to relax?