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October 2015

in fairness

I was locked out of my blog for a while due to password resetting incompetence (mine) and I was on a trip to the UK on more comic business. Apologies nonetheless for being a fair weather blogger. (Or dramatic weather, I suppose, would be more accurate.)

However! Here we go again. A birth mother has approached our agency looking to make an adoption plan for her baby (to be born mid-December) and we are among the profiles to be shown. So. Yay? Something? Nothing? I am philosophical. She is an African-American so (possible) TICK on the Mystic Twangy front, but, while I don't know what age she is, she sounds young (She is a first time mother whose family support her decision to make an adoption plan for her baby. Does that sound young to you? Probably, right?) and that would be no problem in itself, the head of our agency did tell us that first-time mothers are more likely to change their minds, and that in fact, the freaked-out teen-aged first time mother is not the typical demographic, but rather the overwhelmed mother of more than one. So, you know. Things to keep in mind. 

In other news, I have been called for jury duty. Have you ever? Thoughts welcome. Should, for instance, I try to wriggle out of it? I actually do have lots of jobs on these days, and sitting in a court for an indefinite amount of days would indeed make it impossible to do them. Also, see above, re baby? What if I got caught up in a big long murder trial or something and in the middle just sort of stand up and say: I declare a mistrial! Yeah, sorry, but Another Lady (really I have got to do better in the pseudonym department) has chosen me to parent her baby, got to skedaddle! On other hand, it is My Civic Duty.

In other news, the JB has an interview for a research scholarship thing on Friday. If he's successful this will allow him to stay at home watching car reviews devoting every waking moment of his time to research FOR TWO YEARS. What would that be like? What, indeed. Well, clearly, if there was BABY, that would be most excellent. We could take equal turns trying not to break the baby.  A ratio of incompetent but full-time parents to one little baby makes things seem very manageable.  If no baby happens for a few months, it might be a.. tiny bit challenging what with the constant talking, the messy coffee-making, the mess, the distraction? I love all that between the hours of 6pm and 8am, you understand. Love it. On the third hand, we did manage to do the driving practice together, and no one was harmed. (His third test looms at beginning of November.)

All still to play for, my friends.
How are you?