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February 2016

Yet Another piece of news

Yet Another has chosen another family. I wasn't much surprised because Agency Manager warned us that eight profiles had been given to Yet Another, and those odds were not good, were they. Surprised, no, bummered, yes. I went to see Room later that day, which may not have been the best choice given the circumstances, but I enjoyed it in a weep-freely-in-the-dark way. I am now restored. Or back to Square One, and sort of hopeful in a perverse, Darkest Before Dawn way.

Since then, there has been Family Over from England and the need to feed and arrange them and sit through Live Mic nights waiting for my cousin's kid to sing. It's fun having arty cousins, I admit, they make me feel more normal. More live mic tonight, with mandatory poems from that motley crew known as Spoken Word Poets. Themes range from masturbation to spiders, to love, and back again. WISH ME LUCK.

Talk soon, folks. Thanks for sticking with me through the longest wait in the history of humankind. 
I need to write an anthem to patience. Or a poem perhaps? That would be lovely, wouldn't it.

Yet Another


For ten days, I have been laid low with The Dreaded Lurgy, only emerging shakily from the house today. Just as well, because the adoption merry-go-round has creaked into action once more. Yet Another Lady is perusing our profile - and since this time she has already given birth (on the 9th) everything is proceeding at a much accelerated pace. It's so strange. Well, it's always that, of course. [Insert all-knowing sigh of ancient wisdom.] Talking about a baby in the abstract is quite different to knowing it's a girl, (a girl! I'm sure I don't have to tell you I don't care AT ALL about gender - it's the specificity itself that is so meaningful. The details make the unique baby leap into the imagination) and what weight she is (healthy) and where she is (in a hospital, in a small US town).

Well, to sum up, I'd really like if this worked out. If it does, it'll be GO GO GO. If it's not, there'll be gnashing of teeth, but nothing fatal. Fingers crossed.

More soon -
T xx