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one is one

Arg, everyone, we've been having an interesting time of it. We missed our court date (for reasons I will moan about in a later post), Jay is having a prolonged sleep regression where he wakes four or five times a night, and we are fairly wrecked.

However! This is not a weekend for complaining; we must celebrate, for Jay is one tomorrow. He is here. What a year. What a year. WHAT A YEAR. I'll be processing this for ever, I reckon. During the day, (she carefully stipulated) he is a marvel. All exploration and studying how hinges work, gazing into the washing machine in fascination, trying words out, charming shop assistants (the stranger danger is over, thank the heavens), much more relatable and biddable. Smiley, sweet, loud, thrilled with life. He eats fruit and pasta like a champion. He is just great. Many happy returns, little chap, your Ma loves you more than she can say.

I am going to go and make him a cake now.

Thank you for sticking with us this year, all. Be well.