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Wednesday the 20th September 2017, after a wet walk and a crowded bus ride into town, we formally finalised our adoption of Jay. It, weirdly enough, was in a office centre for business high-flyers, with a fancy video-conferencing system as mandated by the US court. We played on the nylon carpet floor around the boardroom table with Jay and a fellow adoptive family for an hour or so until the screen erupted into life and we could see one of those small wooden furnished court rooms with a judge and our lawyer, waving at us. 

It was a odd mixture of serious ceremony and celebration, a bit like getting married. We had to raise our hands to swear to be truthful, and Jay raised his hand too. (Judge: Oh, I'm loving this!) We confirmed our identity, our date of marriage, that we'd been caring for Jay continuously since we took custody and promised we'd continue to until he was eighteen. Then she congratulated us and we clapped and cheered. It was a moment to remember. 

Jay Pearl (sounds like a rapper). HURRAY! 






Hieperdepiep Hoera!!!
So lovely that Jay was in on the raising hands moment.
Whenever there are hurrays Suzy wants to climb on a table.... Not so suitable for a business environment maybe ;-)

Now on to the normal hurdles of life.



Congratulations! No more waiting and delays and nonsense! Now you're merely stuck with the standard parental concerns!


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